Future Proof Logbook #2

We've recently been creating lots of animated explainer videos for clients all over the UK. We've also been travelling around Yorkshire creating an absolutely beautiful video full of drone videography and 4K goodness. And lastly, we've been reinvesting in lots of exciting new toys for the company; more 4K cameras, even better audio equipment, and more lighting equipment, so we can give our clients the best video they can get!

Future Proof Logbook #1

Aren't you lucky!? You're getting to read the first ever(!) entry into our Future Proof Logbook. The Logbook will be made up of updates about our current or upcoming projects, what we've been up to as a company, and little titbits from Future Proof Films HQ.

7 Reasons You Need Videos On Your Website

Our good friends and fellow Derby-based creatives, Frogspark, invited us to their HQ last week to chat about videos, marketing and all things digital. Out of the meeting we decided it'd be a great idea for us both to create a blog post for each other. You can read ours right now on Frogspark's site here and you can read their (as always very informative) blog below.