We eat, sleep and breathe video.

Team Future Proof.

We are Future Proof Films - a tight-knit team of video marketing and production professionals who eat, sleep, and dream about creating video content that will blow your socks off and get you real, measurable, tasty results.

Drew’s our go-to editor, animator, motion graphics and [insert the other million things that happen in post-production] guy. He’s edited a feature film with Vinnie Jones, created videos for Sir Ben Kingsley (and been unofficially Knighted by him) and has a mouse with an absolute ton of buttons on so you know he’s legit. Drew is also a Jurassic Park fanatic (to the point of it being a bit weird).

Drew Taylour-Davis

Director / Head of Post-Production

Rob’s our marketing man. Everything you've seen us put out there that you've liked, Rob has touched (anything you didn't like, he insists that he was off work that day). He's a design-orientated campaign marketer for our clients and also a skilled videographer. In his former (creative) life, he directed short films that played at film festivals around the globe and has been called "clever and hilarious" by the CEO of IMDb. Apparently.

Robert Dawes

Director / Head of Marketing

Jess is a marketing campaign leader, tweeter, post-er, picture taker and social strategiser that helps make everyone look better, wittier and more intelligent than they really are (online only, of course). Annoyingly good at her job and frustratingly hard-working, Jess continues to deliver outstanding marketing results despite having the longest nails you've ever seen(!).

Jess Frearson

Marketing Lead Strategist

Ben moulds not-yet-fully-formed-ideas into absolute works of art and design and has a wealth of experience from London and Birmingham based agencies, where he worked on full-scale design projects for the likes of Centrica, O2, and Coca-Cola. Oh, and if you mention "aeroplanes" to Ben, depending on your opinions on planes, you'll be either delighted or incredibly bored by the following 10 minutes.

Benana Godlington

Lead Designer

The first thing you'll notice about Joe is how great he is at editing and turning raw footage into something unbelievable. The second thing you'll notice is that Joe is tall (6'7"). So tall in fact, he once met Peter Crouch and looked down on him. A proud 'Manc' and red devil, Joe has worked at ITV and on Channel 4 shows, BBC shows like University Challenge, and even has a Netflix documentary under his belt. Erm... he's good.

Joe Thomas


When it comes to animation and motion graphics, few can match the movements of Lyon. Creative, majestic and flowing are words commonly used to describe both his animation work AND his beard. There's little he hasn't animated, but when it comes to food there's plenty left for Lyon to try (he's never had a poppadom!)

Lyon Owen