Cooper Parry - Awesome People.

Recruitment Video Campaign.

Recruitment Videos That Stand Out

A successful recruitment video campaign should instantly reveal who you are as a company.

Being “a-bit-out-there” won’t work for everyone, but for Cooper Parry, a vibrant and different way of doing things is in their DNA – and they needed a video campaign to match.

The Brief

The brief was fairly open for this recruitment campaign. The underlying theme was awesome people; there were employee benefits to highlight; and Cooper Parry wanted a sense of fun and humour. Beyond that, it was up to us to let our imaginations run wild – and boy did we.

We quickly settled on creating a few sketches around the employee benefits, and we knew we had to bring the Cooper Parry culture to each of these videos because we knew it would appeal to exactly the type of people CP are looking for. An effective recruitment video is one that’s designed for the target audience.


Armed with our scripts for the different sketches, we set about filming them over 2 days, across both of Cooper Parry’s enviable offices.

The shoots were highly ambitious, with multiple videos filmed each day. Every video needed props, vfx supervision, extras, make up, and one heck of a talented production team to pull it off (thank you very much).

With our experienced team taking great pride in their roles, production ran smoothly, and focus was kept on delivering the core-messages in the way that we all envisaged.


Knowing how involved the post-production was going to be – due to some heavy vfx and sound design – we allocated plenty of time to make sure these videos looked every bit as good as they deserved to.

Each visual effect was scrutinised to make sure it looked great, fit within Cooper Parry’s brand, and didn’t detract from the message.

Similarly, the colour-grade was poured over to make sure it was vibrant and eye-poppingly great.


The videos were created to look great on mobile, and work just as well on LinkedIn as they would on Facebook. They were all short-form and memorable – perfect for sharing.

Almost immediately, across all of Cooper Parry’s social channels, views, likes, comments and shares began pouring in as people were shown exactly how great a place Cooper Parry is to work. Job done.

Watch the full series here: Cooper Parry Recruitment Campaign.