University of Leeds - 3D Robotics Video.

3D Animated Explainer

Robots, Colons and Magnets

When The University of Leeds spoke to us about creating a 3D animation about their new robotic arm controlling a state of the art endoscope with magnets, we did what we’re best at: drill them for all the reasons that makes this product unique, showcase that message in an engaging way, and connect visually with their audience.


The Brief

The University of Leeds have developed a state of the art endoscope that’s controlled via a robotic arm to help an aging population with colonoscopies to catch and remove cancers and other issues. Our video had to capture the technology and demonstrate how it will help the world.


First off, we had to understand the technology. This involved going through other videos, websites and information from the client to better understand how we can create the video to explain the technology to the viewer.


Next up, the animation phase. It was important for us to show the full procedure with this video so that involved using accurate models of the robotic arm and also accurate models of the endoscope *within* a person! Which is a first for us.


The final video works great in clearly demonstrating the robotic arm and endoscope, as well as outlining the use cases and positives of using this technology for colonoscopies.