One Free Clip. One Hour. One Great Creative Exercise.

The rules are simple: each week we take the weekly free stock footage clip from pond5, think of an idea with a video marketing angle for a campaign, set the timer to 60 minutes, and then get to work.
Three Things New At FPF

Three New Things at Future Proof Films in 2018

One of the things we're most looking forward to in 2018 is the release of our brand new website. As video marketing folk, we're hugely conscious of everything visual and that's why we're investing in a brand new site that will be a much fresher, better site to reflect how far we've come since our conception back in 2015.

How Video Can Improve Your Next Pitch

Pitching for a new project, job or client can be a stressful time. You've got just a few minutes to make a great impact, get across a wealth of information and sell yourselves as a professional, competent outfit. Knowing the details of your pitch, having great body language and some form of visuals to back-up your points are all vital but what else can you do to take your pitch to the next level?

Future Proof Logbook #6

As always, it's been all systems go at the Future Proof Films HQ. We've been working with several companies locally, our most recently released piece of work being the promo video we filmed for Gravity Digital. We've also been filming conferences, training videos and promotional videos throughout London. Lastly, we've been in sunny, celebrity-filled Los Angeles working on our debut feature film.
Desk Image

Considering An Animated Explainer Video

Can you sense your prospective clients getting lost in the overwhelming amount of information that you are trying to outline?

Future Proof Logbook #5

It's been a while since our last Logbook post, which means there's a lot of news for us to catch you all up on. From our recent projects (filming conferences, testimonials, product launches and promotional videos) to our brand new team member Becky to our trip to LA to work in the glorious hills of Hollywood.
The Difference Between Cheap & Affordable Video Content

The Difference Between Cheap & Affordable Video Content

Whilst affordable and cheap may be synonyms of each other, they both have a completely different meaning in relation to your brand and to the work you create. Which is why Future Proof Films creates affordable video content, not cheap content.
5 Reasons An Explainer Video Will Help Your Company

5 Reasons An Explainer Video Will Help Your Company

Whether you're a startup looking to explain what it is you do, or an established company looking to explain a new product, service or process, an Explainer Video is the perfect tool for you.
Audio Blog

Getting Great Audio With Plates

One aspect that we often see other companies struggle with is audio; be it inappropriate music, poor recorded sound, or lack of sound design. Each of these elements can make or break a video so it's important all companies focus just as much on their audio than they do on their video. For this blog, we'll just be discussing recorded audio but we'll be covering other audio elements in future posts.
Logbook 4

Future Proof Logbook #4

After what could have been months of planning, filming and editing, there's no better feeling than giving our clients their finished videos. However, a feeling that does come close is when said videos go 'live' on our client's websites and they push them out to their customers and audiences.