Easy Tips to Boost SEO with Video

Posted by Jessica Frearson 11 Jan 2019

1. Integrate video into your site

There are a lot of ways to add video to your site, but the easiest way is to embed your video after uploading them to places like YouTube and Vimeo. This method is very easy, you get a whole host of analytic tools included, and there’s potential for SEO boosts not only to your website, but also to your YouTube channel.

Place videos throughout your website as well, not just on your home page. This helps to keep your visitors on your site, regardless of what page they land on or navigate to. Web visitors watching multiple videos lets search engines, such as Google, know that people stay on your site for longer, so your website will begin to rank higher.

2. Add context to your pages

Video needs context and information on its pages to supplement what you’re communicating to your viewer.

If your website is full of videos but has no information to support or provide extra information it will have a negative impact on your rankings through people not engaging with your page.

Google needs written content as well, so it can crawl the page and rank your website accordingly – with the reassurance that your giving users relevant and reliable information that fulfills their needs.The simplest way is to reiterate or bullet point the information in the video – the best way is to reiterate and also provide examples or additional info.


3. Educate your audience

What’s the point of implementing video into your site if it’s not going to benefit your audience?

Your visitors are on your site and moving to specific pages because they are looking for information, so your video needs to educate them by either; letting them know about a subject or item, informing them about your brand, answering questions or queries, or talking about a topic related to your company.

Remember, video gives you the opportunity to show, not just tell. Done well, your video will cause interest and keep visitors on your site for longer, to do further research into your brand and your services, and possibly share the video with their friends, family and co-workers.


4. Don’t give up!

Would you expect to lose a huge amount of weight after eating healthy for one day? No. Like most of digital marketing, implementing a new strategy is going to take time, and a few attempts to find the perfect way for you to market to your audience.

You need to be able to monitor how your video is performing and impacting your website. A simple way is to look at web-traffic, bounce rates and average visit duration for the few days or weeks after your video is posted, and compare that to the numbers before. Lower bounce rates and longer visits, should lead to more web-traffic (and convert more customers!).

Remember we spoke about the in-built analytics with sites like YouTube? Amongst other things, you can see the average audience retention, and if you see 70% of people stop watching after 2 minutes, look at why. Maybe a 90-second version with a call-to-action brought in much sooner will help?

Video marketing requires a little trial and error to ensure the strategies that you are using are having the best effect on your company and boosting things like SEO – the beauty is, you can test, measure and adapt continually to make sure you get the best results.



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