Filming Inside The New BBC Studio

Posted by Jessica Frearson 24 Jul 2018

Once again we had the exciting opportunity to film inside of BBC Nottingham’s Studio. As a team we love filming for BBC Introducing and it excites us to see the young talent who currently live around us (and to get the opportunity to film inside the BBC). However, when we walked into the studio this time, Dean presented us with a brand new studio.

The studio had new blue sound proof walls which made Drew very happy as the artists skin would no longer blend into a nude wall. As well as new equipment and mics which is going to make our audio better than ever. The new suite had also been fitted with wonderful new LED, white lighting which made filming and colour balance a breeze.

After admiring the new space, we started setting up. We decided that a 3 camera set-up would be most efficient and work best for us. A wide shot with subtle movement which panned the artist whom was performing. A medium shot which was mounted on a slider to add more movement to the shot. As well as our main camera which was fitted with a high-quality zoom lens to give greater flexibility during each live take.

After setting up and having a coffee we were ready to go.

We started the session with a boy called Remi. This was his first time on radio and he was a complete natural. He was extremely talented and the camera loved him. We can’t wait to edit the final shots. After his original songs and his generic radio interview with Dean and talking about his record label, he packed up his guitar and hit the road.

Holly then arrived with her electric and acoustic guitar and we were amazed. After rocking a keyboard last time she was in the studio it is obvious that she is unbelievably talented. She played two incredible songs and spoke to Dean about recent festivals and upcoming concerts.

We love that BBC Introducing, despite primarily being a radio channel, places such an emphasis on video and that their new studios reflect this principle. Without a doubt, this shoot is going to be the best looking BBC live session that we have been apart of and we are so excited to show you guys. The video’s will be going live in around a week or so but you can follow us at @futureprooffilms on Instagram and @WeareFPF on Twitter to see the behind the scenes shots we took and to ensure you don’t miss the launch.

For you.