5 Steps to Great Video Marketing

Posted by Jessica Frearson 01 Aug 2018

You spend most of your time online. This means your audience is also online. From scrolling aimlessly through their Instagram feed to catching up with friends across the world. Individuals spend over two hours a day online.


But, even though your audience is online, how do you set yourself away from the crowd?

Video is one of the fastest growing platforms to interact and inform consumers, followers and potential clients. Posts containing videos on social media, such as Facebook, have a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.

So how do you make the right video for your company? How do you ensure that it suits your brand and puts across the correct message that you intend to? Below are 5 simple steps that you can follow to create your own video marketing campaign.


Step 1: Understand your purpose and reasoning behind your campaign

You need to have a purpose for your marketing campaign. You need to ensure that you understand what you want to achieve from your video and set goals.

The main goal around your video strategy should be to educate and entertain your audience as well as encouraging them to find out more about your brand. You want your video to be talked about and remembered – even within niche circles. Your main purpose of your video cannot be simply to ‘sell more red t-shirt’s’. Having too specific goals may make the viewer feel like they are listening to a sales pitch and lead to them getting disengaged and bored.


Step 2: Determine the look of your video

Understand who your audience is and look for the best way to reach out to them. Think about how your video needs to flow to receive the most interaction and engagement from your viewers, consumers and potential customers.

As a company you need to look at how you’re going to put your message across and ensure that you are perceived in the correct way to benefit you and your brand.


Step 3: Decide who will develop your video content

You or your company – If you or your company feel confident about creating your own video then this could be a low budget way of implementing a video marketing strategy. However, even though it will be an amateur production, you need to ensure that it still maintains a good quality. If your audience sees a poorly put together video, they won’t want to look further into your video or company, meaning no extra business. If you want to create your own video then take your time looking into video production and maybe go on a course to develop your knowledge further. Remember, even vlogs and daily updates should have good sound and visuals.

Work with an agency – Working with an agency means that you can get a high quality video to amaze your clients. You gain the benefits of their (very) expensive equipment and their expertise, and they can work with you and help you develop your storyboard and scripts and allow you to get your messages across in the best way. We have a video agency that we would recommend (*wink*), click here to find out more.


Step 4: Always leave them wanting more

You need to make sure that your video is remembered. You want to make sure that the video gives enough information for the audience to know what you are about, and lead them into wanting to find out more. If your video gives everything away they won’t do further research into your company and may lead to them forgetting about your brand. Always leave your audience wanting and thinking more. 


Step 5: Understand where and how to promote your video

Promoting your videos on social media and your website is a vital part of promoting your company. You need to ensure that you promote it appropriately for your company and use hashtags and target the correct associations to help broaden your audience. Again, we offer a full marketing service to help broaden your reach with video, and there are plenty of free and paid-for ways of getting your video to a wider – and targeted – audience. Being online will help your company grow. Reaching a wise and relevant audience with your video content will really help your company grow.  

For you.