5 Reasons Videos On Websites Are Essential

Posted by Drew 15 Jun 2018

Why Video?

5 Reasons Videos On Websites Are Essential

There’s no denying the impact video is having on the world. On YouTube alone, 5 billion videos are watched every single day by 30 million visitors, with over 1 billion of those videos being viewed on a mobile device.

We know video is a primary focus for social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but what about for your website?

If it isn’t. It should be.

There are many, many positives from including great video content on your site. Not just the visual improvement of homepage and background videos, but the behind-the-scenes boosts to SEO, Google visibility and lower bounce rates.

Our top 5 reasons videos on websites are essential

1. Brand Personality

The possibilities with video are endless, which means no matter what the personality and values of your company, there are ways to get that across… in fewer than 90 seconds! That is a truly powerful thing.

2. Make It Beautiful

Consumers, customers and clients appreciate a beautiful looking website. That’s one of the main reasons industry-leading companies are constantly improving their websites. A lot of companies, such as 4 Rivers Smokehouse and Pond5, cleverly integrate background or header videos that auto-play so visitors are immediately engaged.

3. Google Loves Video

Its common knowledge that YouTube is owned by Google and that they love video. When Google crawls your site for content, it’s not just words they’re interested in, but valuable and quality content.

Google know people are more likely to watch your video than read a big block of text and that they’ll stay on your site for longer as a result, which is one of the key factors Google considers when ranking your website.

4. Boost Customer Confidence

Consumers of all types use the internet to compare and research companies, products and services before making purchases. By being able to show and explain your products and services to these potential customers in a clear, concise and visually impressive way puts you ahead of the competition and immediately instils confidence in your company.

A video testimonial is almost as good as a word-of-mouth recommendation. 90% of consumers trust peer reviews compared to only 14% that trust advertisements.

5. Be Truly Mobile-Friendly

In the last few years there has been a revolution in website design with a requirement for all sites to be ‘responsive’, meaning that they must adapt their appearance to best suit the device they’re being viewed on. Even with a simplified version of the site, a video is more easily consumed than reading text on what is still a small screen.

Another bonus, related reason is each day, over 1 billion YouTube views are on mobile devices and over 90% of mobile users that watch video, share video.

For you.