Werth Metrology.


Shouting about their USPs.

When the nationwide lockdown started, Werth Metrology knew they still had to keep marketing. And with filmed footage being difficult to come by, animation was the key. 

The Brief

Werth Metrology wanted a series of short, engaging animated videos that show-off their USPs. All of the videos were to be around thirty seconds long, primarily for LinkedIn. 


The way we start all animated projects is with a clear script. We worked with Werth to refine their messages into bite-size chunks. Once we had that, we moved onto the storyboarding stage, where we created the overall look for each video. For this, we borrowed inspiration from Werth’s branding and their website, as well as mixing in images they already had in their library. 



To quickly turnaround the video series, we created a master template for them and based each video off that. To do this, we started by creating assets that we knew would be used throughout and then made sure that these could be duplicated and tweaked per video, such as the background and the dots and lines. 

For each video, we made sure to use sound design for all of the movements to bring them to life. The impact sound design has on animation is huge but often goes unnoticed. It isn’t until you mute all of the sound design that you realise how much it can lift a video. 


In total, we created six videos that each shouted about their own unique USP. Every video was kept super short to help them play better on LinkedIn. The videos went down a treat with Werth Metrology and we’re set to create more video content for them soon… which is nice.