Local Data Company.

Animated Explainer Video.

Technical Topics into Digestible Content.

The Local Data Company (LDC) wanted a kick-ass animated explainer video to turn their highly beneficial, but tough to explain, service into a clean and crisp piece of marketing content – pretty smart, right?

The Brief

LDC approached the team and wanted a killer explainer video to boost their evergrowing audience and convert visitors into customers.

We worked with LDC closely to support them at every step of the process. From creating a fun and detailed storyboard to perfecting the script and choosing a talented voice-over artist.

With an animated explainer, the visual possibilities run as far as your imagination, which made it the perfect choice for injecting some engagement into this brief.

Find out more about the process of an Animated Explainer here!


Once the storyboard and script are signed off, we can move onto the exciting part, using animation to bring to life LDC’s kick-ass animated explainer.

We go through, animating the video frame by frame, ensuring every fine detail and movement is perfected and looks incredible. Whilst always referring to the brief, the animation is created to suit the company to the dot.

And as you can see, it does a pretty amazing job in doing so.


Post Production is where things really *POP* (pun intended).

Animated explainers require a large amount of sound design to really allow the movements and transitions to make the statement they deserve. By adding the extra pops, swishes and swirls, and perfecting that professional voice-over, the services are brought fully to life.

But don’t take our word for it, watch it for yourself!


Once everything is finalised, we’re left with the kick-ass marketing tool for LDC we set out to create. A powerful piece of marketing content that can use all over their social channels, websites and beyond.

Having an animated explainer like this allows LDC to grab people’s eyeballs with stunning visuals and graphics and keep them hooked with their amazing services and content.

Pretty perfect, if you ask us.