t-three: Vlog Series.


From Blog to Vlog

Vlogs are a great way to informally share advice and industry knowledge, while also being an incredibly effective non-salesy sales tool. When t-three saw our run of vlogs on LinkedIn, they got in touch so we could give their blogs the Future Proof Films vlog treatment.

The Brief

t-three create a breadth of blogs and wanted to turn lots of those into more engaging vlogs. The vlogs were to cover a range of topics, from tips using software and platforms such as Facet5, to sharing personal stories to teach important lessons about change, leadership and teams.


The production has changed from vlog to vlog but mostly, we use a single cam setup shooting a medium wide of the person talking to the camera. This gives us room to punch in in post and it also lets us use a teleprompter if needed. We’ve shot a mix of green-screen, white-screen and on-location vlogs and each of these use a mix of lighting.


Like the production, the post-production on these vlogs has changed for each one. When we created the Star Wars Day vlog for t-three, we filmed against a greenscreen and edited in a bunch of effects, from; lightsabers to Star Wars text crawls. For simple vlogs, we’ve just used moments of motion graphics to illustrate or emphasise a certain point.


You guessed it, this stage has varied too. But mostly, every video is captioned (with both closed and open captions) and then exported in different aspect ratios to suit different social platforms. The vlogs have had a great response online and have sat perfectly alongside t-three’s other marketing efforts.