t-three working with JLR.

Case study


Masters of transforming culture and delivering change, t-three work with some of the biggest brands around. The work they do with Jaguar Land Rover’s Learning & Development (L&D) team has had an incredibly positive impact on JLR.

The Brief

We were tasked with filming and editing together a series of testimonials from a variety of JLR staff who benefitted from the coaching that t-three delivered, to create an engaging case study video.


The setup was a simple skeleton interview crew; one cam-op covering two static cameras and one covering audio plus content. We were also joined by a member of t-three who oversaw the questions for the day. To light the interviews, we used a large soft LED light as the key, plus a smaller LED for some detail from behind. Shooting with a reasonably small crew and setup allowed us to film multiple interviews at different locations throughout the day. 


We cut the testimonials together using footage provided by JLR of their product range. The adverts were used to show what was possible with great leadership and to show what everyone within the video was ultimately working towards. We also pulled out some key information as very subtle motion graphics.


The final video is just over 3-minutes long but certainly moves at a pace that makes it seem much shorter. The video was very well received by both t-three and JLR.