t-three working with Brent Council.

Case study

Leadership coaching for Brent

t-three are highly adept at delivering positive change to organisations through their people-first transformation coaching and mentoring. The work they’ve done with Brent Council is no different.

The Brief

We were to film multiple testimonials from Brent Council’s senior team to find out just how impactful the mentoring from t-three was. (Spoiler alert: it was pretty darn great).


The filming for this case study video was quite restricted. The council building was a busy environment and it meant that space and time were both tight. But with a small crew and some great lighting, we made the tiny spaces pop.  


Editing case study videos is all about getting the right narrative and taking your viewer on a journey. For most case studies you want to use a rough structure of: introduction of the service you’ve given your clients, how it solved a problem they were having, the impact of the service delivered, and ending with some strong recommendations. 


The final video is a great testimonial for the mentoring and coaching service that t-three delivered to Brent Council. The video is full of great pull-out quotes that t-three can use for their marketing and overall it’s a great video for them to gain more work within that sector.