Optime Group.

Promotional Video

Data-focused recruitment.

Optime Group offers a recruitment solution that puts technology and data at the forefront. They chose us to create their latest promotional video to show off exactly what they have to offer and how they help their clients find work.

The Brief

Optime Group wanted a video that would include segments from their core team, testimonials from people they have successfully helped find work, and also showcase their technology.


The production phase was an efficient two-day shoot at Heathrow airport and also Optime Group’s offices. For the Heathrow shoot, we followed two staff members who had found jobs through Optime Group’s services. Filming at Heathrow is far from ideal, mostly because it’s a busy place with a lot of noise. But luckily we’re seasoned veterans at getting clean, crisp audio in busy places.


For the Optime Group office shoot, we shot three of the core team; two directors and the head of compliance. Each shot was against a blue background to bring in Optime’s branding but also to contrast deeply with the ‘live’ environment at Heathrow and the light environment in their office space.


While the technical editing is very straightforward for the most part, we also filmed shots for screen replacement and played with wipe transitions.


Screen replacement is the process of filming something, normally a phone, monitor or tablet, and then you swap out what’s on that screen with something else. You normally do this if you want to use something that doesn’t exist or, as was true with this case, if you want more control during the edit.


The screen replacement shots, the talking heads and the b-roll gelled together really nicely to create a smooth flowing promotional video that packs a punch.