Office 365.

Transform Your Business.

The Challenge.

Microsoft and Claranet approached us to create a series of promo product videos to promote their collaboration together for Office 365.

Each video was to be visually and tonally different but carry the same ethos, quality and overall feel. Each video had to be short, engaging, and communicate a reasonably long message in a very concise, easy to digest way.

The Solution.

After a style for each of the videos was agreed, we began going through the script and planning the shoot. For ‘Transform Your Business’, we planned to shoot in 4 locations (with 3 of them being non-office locations) to show the agility and mobility of Office 365. We filmed over two days throughout Derby and hired an additional six people to complete the shoot.

The edit was a breeze as we’d shot so meticulously and planned each transition before we’d even lifted a camera. We used a very dynamic style of editing; quick cuts, lots of sound design, movement in ever shot. We also used animation at the end to close the video (which was a style we used across the series to tie them together). The videos have been exceptionally well received and were screened by Microsoft at their event in Las Vegas.

Some stats.

300+Mapping Markers Used
489GBWorth of Footage Captured
120 MillionO365 Users in 2017