Office 365: Transform Your Business.

Promotional Video.

Promotional Content That Goes Global.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is an amazing toolset used by millions around the world. So when Claranet collaborated with Microsoft to power-up their own customers, they wanted a kick-ass promotional campaign to shout about their new successes.

The Brief

When Claranet approached us with the idea of a promotional series for Office 365, the team were bursting with ideas. Immediately, we knew we wanted to focus on the modern-day business concept of remote working, and follow an employee working remotely through their morning.

We planned to showcase different settings that the target audience would associate with, such as offices and cafes. This would highlight how Office 365 supports on-the-go employees and integrates them with office-based teams.

To have each video be visually and tonally different but carry the same ethos, quality and overall feel, we needed to get the planning just right. Every creation had to communicate a reasonably long message concisely and in an extremely engaging way.

With a great concept in place, all we needed to do was execute it.


For ‘Transform Your Business’, we filmed the promotional video in 4 locations (with 3 of them being non-office locations) to show the agility and mobility of Office 365. Shooting over 2 days and across so many locations requires a lot of ‘set-up’ and ‘pack-down’ time. Our solution was to plan well and hire an additional six people to help crew the shoot and keep everything running smoothly.

With a talented and dedicated team, the shoot went well, and with the shots looking incredible, we knew we were on to a winner.


Once all the filming was complete we headed back to the office to craft the masterpiece together.

The edit came together nicely. We shot so meticulously and planned each transition before we’d even lifted a camera. We used a very dynamic style of editing; quick cuts, lots of sound design, movement in every shot. We also used animation at the end to close the video and deliver some of the more technical information (which was a style we used across the series to tie them together).

Having shared stylistic components across the different videos kept them part of the same family, and really helped create a rounded marketing campaign for Claranet and the Office 365 team to use.


This video was the first in a series of 3 videos for Claranet and Office 365’s new kick-ass promotional campaign.

The campaign was very well received, with this video rolled out across Claranet’s wide digital marketing network, which included translated versions for international regions as well.

And the videos were even chosen to be screened by Microsoft at their massive annual event in Las Vegas! How’s that for a seal of approval?