Our Vlogs.

Practice what we preach.

It took us a while to get into the groove of creating our own vlogs, mostly because we’re always busy with our client’s work, but they’ve been a great way to flex our creative muscles whilst sharing some expertise with the business community.

Our vlogs have also generated a few enquiries – maybe this video marketing thing is as good as people say.

The Brief

We wanted our vlogs to be informative and highly entertaining. They also had to carry our brand and company values on their sleeve and show everyone that we’re a creative bunch who know what we’re talking about.


The production for each vlog does vary, but mostly we start with a quick interview setup for Rob (our hotshot vlogging maestro) to whittle off some top notch advice. We’ve mixed the lighting and shooting setups throughout vlogs too to show a few different looks to our clients. 

If we have any (utterly hilarious) cutaways planned, we’ll film these after we’ve got Rob’s content. Some of these cutaways are only in the final vlogs for a few seconds but we’ll still keep filming until we get the right take. For instance, for the cutaway where we had to throw a Playstation controller at Joe’s head, that took 56 takes. Although, thinking about it… I think we actually used the first take for that one.


Our vlogs tend to follow the same structure, to help build up a visual style and also because it’s just so fun adding in random clips from TV and films, and also mocking Rob at the end of most vlogs with an outtake.

But overall, our vlogs are edited to show-off little tricks and techniques that we can use to boost our client’s work. So we might play around with motion graphics in one video, maybe an animated sequence in another or even just some interesting editing styles.


Our vlogs all vary in length, from fifteen seconds long to five minutes. They’re all shared across our socials, on our newsletter and on our YouTube channel. We’ve won clients with them, been complemented by viewers around the world and most importantly, had people say, “I recognise you from somewhere” to Rob when he’s out and about.