Elysium Healthcare - OSCE 2021.

Onboarding Video.

Welcoming new nurses.

Welcoming all of the incredible nurses who’ve passed their OSCE exams into Elysium Healthcare by blending animation and interviews. 

The Brief

For this video, we needed to blend live-action interviews and an animation to convey lots of information and two welcome speeches into a short, engaging video.


The shoot was a simple two-camera setup at Elysium’s offices in London. For the A Cam, we went for a down the lens shot with depth and a mix of lighting – with warm lighting on the right and cooler, daylight from the left. The B cam was on a slider, shooting through some glass to capture a soft, interesting angle.


For the animation, we decided to mix grain and textures with a halved frame-rate to give it a really tactile feel. We also used lots of colour, toned down and warmed with a slight colour grade to give the video an inspirational look to match the welcoming message. The warm look also matches the warm light within the live shots to bridge the different styles.


The final video works great in blending two styles to deliver the welcoming message from the Elysium leaders and the onboarding information within the animated section.