Elysium Healthcare.

Recruitment Campaign.

Turning One Recruitment Video Into a Whole Campaign.

Elysium wanted to release a new marketing campaign to boost the number of applications during their recruitment drives. With an amazing company culture and an endless list of staff perks, it was no surprise that their staff were more than happy to boast about Elysium on camera.

The Brief

The challenge was clear, to capture the enthusiasm of Elysium’s employees, in a natural way, whilst they discussed all the key messages of what a career with Elysium can offer.

Capturing content for a master video was the initial goal, with a secondary aim of creating smaller, individual and specialised videos for each department. This would build up a wider recruitment campaign that can speak to specific audiences and allow for targeted marketing.

Did it work? Of course it did, it’s brilliant targeted marketing.


We filmed across 3 of Elysium’s stunning sites over 2 jam-packed days.

Conversations were kept natural as it was important that staff members gave honest and unrehearsed answers.

Despite not being able to capture too much additional footage, due to the sensitive nature of the patients, it was important to film out on location and show the people in their daily environments. This gave a sense of place and brought a feeling of authenticity to the campaign.


Shooting interview-style and having all the current employees repeat the same questions allowed us to quick-cut, pull key phrases out, and keep in lots of the laughter.

Featuring as many staff as possible naturally makes for a fast paced video, and shows the energy and enthusiasm of the employees – and crucially – how great it is to work for Elysium.

Perfect for a recruitment campaign (*wink*).


In total, we created 5 x 60 to 90-second recruitment videos for the campaign, and then a much larger series of short 5 to 10-second cutdown videos, to give a well rounded and deep visual marketing campaign that was primed for Elysium’s omnichannel approach.

Such an in-depth recruitment campaign really benefited Elysium, resulting in a 46% increase in applications shortly after release.

Now that’s a tasty statistic!