Cooper Parry - Christmas Bonanza.

Recruitment Video

Turning Recruitment Videos into Marketing Masterpieces.

Cooper Parry are extremely proud of the work culture they’ve developed – as they should be – and they wanted to capture a slice of that from their annual Christmas party bonanza, to give potential employees and insight into the company’s values and culture.

The Brief

Our brief seemed pretty simple: to capture the feel-good energy, culture and atmosphere of the Cooper Parry people to form a fun recruitment video for their campaign.

With a few tricky elements identified, such as low and random lighting, crowding, and unpredictable people, we had to really think of the most effective way to capture the best footage for this killer recruitment video.

And we did just that.


Even with tricky elements, the shoot went smoothly – thanks to our planning. The personality and enthusiasm that we needed to capture was bursting in every room we entered – all we needed to do was record it in the best possible way.

Mounting our Sony FS5 on a shoulder rig gave us the freedom to move quickly to set up shots and really be in the centre of the action. This approach really paid off.


By mounting the camera and shooting a higher frame rate, we were able to film in a spontaneous way that would allow us to manipulate the speed of the footage (from normal speed to smooth slow motion) – this allowed the final video to really flow with the music and help give the video a great pace.

Manipulating the footage like this alongside quick cuts and a fast pace really helped us to meet this recruitment video’s energetic brief.


Crafting together the smooth and captivating shots with an upbeat and energetic soundtrack gave Cooper Parry the perfect piece of social marketing content for maximum engagement.

The video created a real buzz on Cooper Parry’s social media channels, which really boosted their recruitment campaigns to give them those extra applications they wanted!