Claranet x Oh Polly.

Case Study

Helping Oh Polly Grow.

Case studies are a great way to tell your future clients about all of the incredible work you do. So it was no surprise that global IT service management company Claranet wanted a case study with their client, fashion brand Oh Polly, after they helped them double their Black Friday sales.

The Brief

Using a mix of media (pre-existing interview footage, stock footage, screen-capped meetings, animation and blended motion graphics) we had to create an engaging case study that concisely told the story of how Claranet helped Oh Polly boost their sales. 


Over several months, we compiled hours of screen-capped video meetings between Oh Polly and Claranet. This sat alongside the preexisting interview footage that Claranet had. We also created a library of stock footage that we could use for the intro to the video.


The multi-media production phase was a breath of fresh air. We started by layering stock footage with sound design for the intro that would build up to the big event that Claranet really helped Oh Polly with… Black Friday. 


Throughout the video, we use animation and motion graphics to lift the screen-capped meetings. Taking from them flat webcam meetings to engaging exchanges. We also used motion graphics to really ramp up the ‘stakes’ in the build-up to Black Friday in the video. 


The final case study video is almost four minutes long. This can be too long for a lot of videos but the multi-media approach helps move the video long at an incredible pace, seamlessly taking you from live footage to animation to screen-capped meeting and back again.