Bulkhead Interactive: Battalion 1944.

Promotional Video

Back to the Beaches

A few years after we created Bulkhead Interactive’s (very successful!) Kickstarter campaign video for their game Battalion 1944, we headed back to Normandy to film the launch promo video for the release of the game. 

The Brief

Bulkhead Interactive hired us to create their new promotional launch documentary for their brand new game, Battalion 1944. The video had to be shot and edited in an incredibly short time and we needed to cram a lot of messages in as short a video as possible. 


Planning is key to the success of every shoot but when lots of footage has to be captured in just a few days, it’s crucial. We had four days to capture interviews and shots in two countries and several locations.

The locations in France were mostly exterior and away from available power sources so shooting light and battery-powered was essential. In the UK, we could shoot inside but we needed more interviews in a shorter amount of time so both countries had their own challenges.


For the promotional video, we compiled all of the footage we’d filmed, plus footage we captured previously for Bulkhead, and also lots of in-game clips. The video is built up of several parts, each with their own key messages; introduction, what the game means, importance of community etc. Each of these is distinct not just in the locations we filmed at but also the soundtrack, editing and overall pace.


The video received hundreds of thousands of views across all of the platforms and shares it received. It also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans and people within the industry, powering up the hype for the release of the game even more.