BBC Introducing.

Promotional video.

BBC Live Lounge.

When BBC Introducing got in touch with us to film Do Nothing at the prolific Maida Vale studios in London, we knew we were in for a treat. 

The Brief

We had to film a four-song session with Nottingham band, Do Nothing. We’ve filmed countless sessions for BBC Introducing in the past but this session needed more polish, higher production values and a more complex setup.


We filmed the session with five cameras; two roaming cameras on gimbels, one on a slider, one locked off capturing a mid-shot of the drums and one locked off shot with a long lens capturing details throughout. We lit the session with a large dome over the drummer, another large softbox by the guitarist and singer and then several smaller lights picking up details and adding depth.


Editing a multicam shoot is always a lot of fun because there’s so much coverage. For this video, we filmed everything with an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 so the final edit looks cinematic and the wide shots (especially the intro!) look especially epic. We also opted for bold titling to bring you into the video, before going to the usual BBC Introducing branding.


We filmed and edited four songs and delivered it all in three formats; one video covering the entire session, and two videos covering two songs each. The BBC then opted to post both two-song videos to spread out the value. The videos went down a treat and, best of all, we’ve been invited back!