Aston Barclay.

Animated Advert.

An animated advert in under 45 seconds... Go!

Creating an animated advert that provides a full overview of a service, with a strict time constraint, is exactly the type of creative challenge we relish here at Future Proof Films.

The Brief

The main concern was the time limit. The script needed to be developed in a way that wouldn’t overwhelm the viewer with information, but it did need to communicate the breadth of the service.

So we decided on the high-level broad-stroke details of the service with a real focus on the benefits of what this meant to the end user: it’s a faster and smarter way to buy and sell vehicles.

The Look

Uncluttered visuals was also key. Similar to the script, when communicating information at speed you don’t want to distract the viewer with too much visual information.

We developed the loose-line character style early on, with the intention of showing the slide already drawn apart from some final line animation (nothing too distracting, remember). After that, it was all about simple, but slick transitions that moved the story along.

The Finished Article

The final video was incredibly well received, and Aston Barclay decided they wanted to use this animation to really push the service through sponsored social ads that will intrigue and entice their target audience into finding out more information.

It’s a great example of how you can achieve a lot, in terms of marketing impact, in a condensed amount of time.