We eat, sleep and breathe video.

Team Future Proof.

We are Future Proof Films - a tight-knit team of video marketing and production professionals who eat, sleep, and dream about creating video content that will blow your socks off and get you real, measurable, tasty results.

Drew’s our go-to editor and camera guy. He’s edited a feature film with Vinnie Jones, created videos for Sir Ben Kingsley and has a mouse with an absolute ton of buttons on so you know he’s legit. Drew also has a great (great) love of Jurassic Park and all things dino-related.

Drew Taylour-Davis

Dinosaur Enthusiast

Rob’s our videographer, motion-graphics and marketing man. Like a trendy version of Hades’ Cerberus, he wears many hats and he wears them well. He’s also created films that have played at film festivals all around the globe and has been called hilarious by the CEO of IMDb. What more could you ask for?!

Robert Dawes

Gent & Scholar

Sam’s an audio wizard and photographic pro. He’s composed music for video games, recorded sweet, sweet sounds on a feature film, and photographed and filmed all over the globe. He also loves to spec new tech for the office which is why he’s fondly called; 'The Specretary'.

Sam Houghton

Jedi Knight

Jess is a tweeter, post-er, picture taker and social strategiser that helps make everyone look better, wittier and more intelligent than they really are (online only, of course).

Jess Frearson

Marketing Magician