1. A Brand New Website.

One of the things we’re most looking forward to in 2018 is the release of our brand new website. As video marketing folk, we’re hugely conscious of everything visual and that’s why we’re investing in a brand new site that will be a much fresher, better site to reflect how far we’ve come since our conception back in 2015.

For now, we’ll still be updating our present website but will be gearing up for the big move soon.

2. New Marketing Services

We’re experts in video. We know what works, what doesn’t and how to achieve real, tangible results with it. Which is why we’re now offering a full range of video marketing services to better push the video content we create for you.

Whether we’ve created an animated explainer video to help your customers understand your product, or a brand promo video to push more engagement through your social media channels, or a pitch video to help you raise investment or win tenders, we can create the perfect video marketing strategy for you.

From creating content specifically around your video content for social media, to managing your pay-per-click video advertising campaigns, to curating your YouTube and Vimeo channels to strengthen your entire online brand, we will now offer a variety of services to make sure your next video gets seen by all of the right people at all of the right places.

3. New Equipment

We’re constantly investing in new hardware and software, from cameras to editing plug-ins, all to make sure we offer the very best service to our clients. Whether we’re on a shoot abroad on windy beaches or animating an explainer video in-house, we spend days researching every piece of equipment we might need.

Which is why 2018 will be no different and we’re already planning on investing thousands back into our business. On top of equipment, we’re also staunch believers in ongoing education which is why we constantly invest in training and development programs.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  1. We’re investing in a brand new Website
  2. We’ve created some outstanding new video marketing services
  3. We’re investing in new equipment (like always)

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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