The Liquidation Advice Centre.

Dynamic Explainer Video.

The Challenge.

Number1 were launching a brand new site for The Liquidation Advice Centre and needed an animated explainer video to sit proudly on their homepage and give an overview of their service to visitors. The video, due to the nature of the service, had to be sensitive and reassuring to the viewer, and encourage them that TLAC are the right company to help guide them through the company liquidation process

The Solution.

Before a single frame of video was animated, we discussed - at length - the tone of the script and the animation style that would accompany it. We settled on a tone that was instructive with a small drop of empathy, and the design would be clean and nothing too cute or rounded.
With the correct tone and design in place we began to animate to video, with an emphasis on slick transitions from one portion to another, to reflect the smooth step-by-step nature of the service. The voice over was recorded in house using an artist selected for their knowledgeable and soothing sound. When the images, voiceover and sound design were pieced together, the result was a video that gave a great overview of the service and reassurance as to its quality.

Some stats.

83%Bounce Rate Reduction With Video