Sunflower Thieves.

BBC Introducing - Promotional Video

Radio and Video, What a Perfect Mix.

We’re regular collaborators with Dean Jackson and BBC Introducing, bringing slick visuals to radio. Video has become a real focus for the BBC, and the videos give performers an extra edge when promoting their music and extending their BBC exposure long after their performance has aired.

This is why when Dean asked us to come back to capture a new promotional video for the Sunflower Thieves, we jumped at the chance.

The Brief

The brief was to create a kick-ass promotional video for BBC Introducing to build their brand awareness and engagement.

With one main promo video being at the forefront, he also wanted to create social media optimised cutdowns to enhance his content. Having various stills and cutdowns as well as the main video ensures that Dean has a bank of content to share with his audience to get the results that he is aiming for.


Our team operated a three camera set-up allowing us the freedom to move cameras throughout the live event without missing any of the action.

We used a wide shot with subtle movement which panned the artist who was performing. A medium shot which was mounted on a slider to add more movement to the shot. As well as our primary camera which was fitted with a high-quality zoom lens to provide further flexibility during each take.

We incorporated the studio into the shots and created depth with our framing to create a better look and immersive feel.

Assembly and Implementation

Once the hard drives were full of musical greatness, it was time to head back to the office and assemble the video.

Editing 3 different camera angles, together with various types of cuts, allowed us to build excitement and energy throughout the video – and that exactly what happened. With the video receiving thousands of views in the first few hours, as well as being shown on the local news, it was clear that the video was the perfect marketing tool to promote local music.