Our Earth.

Animated Marketing Video

New Brand? No Problem.

Our Earth was a brand new product range by Sleaford Quality Foods with very few assets in place. This was great for our creative freedom, as we essentially only had their logo to jump off from. Beyond that, the world was our creative oyster for the animated marketing video to launch the brand.

The Brief

With the brand still developing, we knew there was freedom, but also pressure to make something that will stand the test of time, as subsequent marketing materials will take their cue from this campaign.

Our initial plan was to create a few choices for the client to look at, but like us, they fell in love with the first attempt. The design and the proposed animation style – with its crafty and homegrown feel – suited the values of the brand and product so well.

The Story

There was a real opportunity to create a narrative for the Our Earth brand. The company’s dedication to sustainability was something we knew would resonate with the end-user.

However, Our Earth aren’t selling directly to the end-user. Their customer is the food manufacturer. So we demonstrated the values that make Our Earth products different, and then what this means at retail level. It gives manufacturers access to a product and lucrative type of customer they previously couldn’t reach.

The Launch

As a product video, it’s everything you want. It builds a story around the product that shows what makes it great and why people will want it. It also speaks directly to the customer and explains the retail potential of using such a product.

The finished animated marketing video spearheaded the launch campaign and was shared across Linkedin – with a targeted message for people within the food manufacturing industry. It has become a powerful marketing tool at this important stage in launching the Our Earth brand.