Office 365.

Voice of the Cloud.

The Challenge.

We were approached by Microsoft and Claranet to create a short series of promotional videos for their upcoming collaboration on Office 365.

They wanted 3 videos which had the same ethos, quality and overall feel, but that were very much their own individual videos. For 'Voice of the Cloud' the difficulty was showing 'the cloud', which is a very abstract concept. It also had to be relatable to the end user and effectively communicate the key selling points of the product.

The Solution.

We knew we wanted a representation of the cloud, and chose to transport our user into the cloud, which in our interpretation was an infinite white space. We would then have the voice of the cloud guide the user.

Creating an infinite white space, in theory, is straightforward. In practice, however, the number of lights to create a flat even lighting all around the subject is a technical triumph, but we manage to create the effect we wanted and we were able to tell the story and deliver the benefits exactly how we intended.

The final video was very well received and along with the others in the series, Microsoft screened these at their large event in Las Vegas.

Some stats.

150%Return of Investment from Office 365.
5Fake Office Plants.
100,000+Pixels of White Space.