Office 365.

Pitch Perfect.

The Challenge.

The brief was to create a series of Microsoft Office 365 promo videos for an upcoming marketing campaign. For this video, the client wanted a comparison between being part of the band and being part of a business. The video needed to be under 2 minutes and include all of the key Office 365 apps. We began working on the script and how to communicate a reasonably long message in a concise and engaging way.

The Solution.

With the script packed full of business allegories, we need to find a band, a location, start planning the shots AND the music production. In using a recording studio it allowed us to make it feel more like a 'band practice' which is what the client was going for. Having a thorough plan of what to film in advance allowed us to finish the shoot within one day and have it all run smoothly - and if we do say so ourselves, it turned out pretty well.

The edit was a breeze as we’d shot so meticulously and planned each transition. The music and 'sound' was a little trickier, but with our talented in-house sound department, any challenge was overcome. We used a very dynamic style of editing; quick cuts, lots of sound design and movement in every shot.

The videos have been exceptionally well received and Microsoft even screened them at their big event in Las Vegas back in July.

Some stats.

6Guitar Strings Broke
120 MillionO365 Users in 2017
10 TimesRob Asked to Play The Drums