Elysium Healthcare.

Recruitment Video.

The Challenge.

Having created video content for Elysium in the past, we were only too happy to help them out in creating a series of recruitment videos for their upcoming recruitment campaign. The challenge was to capture the energy of their current staff in a natural way, whilst including all the key messages of what a career with Elysium can offer.

The Solution.

We decided on an interview-style for the recruitment videos, but with a plan to have all the current employees repeat the same questions so we can quick-cut, pull key phrases out, and keep in lots of the laughter.

Despite not being able to capture too much additional footage, due to the sensitive nature of the patients, it was important for us to film out on location and have the people in their daily environments and give a sense of place and bring a feeling of authenticity to the entire recruitment campaign.

In total, we created 5 x 60 to 90-second recruitment videos for the campaign, and then we created a much larger series of short 5 to 10-second cutdown video, to give a well rounded and deep visual marketing campaign.

Some stats.

20+Social Cut-downs So Far.
100%Smile Rate.
12Different Backgrounds.