East Midlands Trains.

Internal Training Video.

The Challenge.

No matter how well written some instructions are, it can still be tough to follow them, easy to misinterpret them and ultimately make mistakes. This isn’t true with video training. By clearly seeing a step-by-step guide, it’s tough to get wrong and easy to remember and get it right. East Midlands Trains hired us to create one of their internal training videos for one of their dispatch processes.

The Solution.

We teamed up with three members of East Midlands Trains to create the script and plan the shoot. With their technical expertise and our creative chops, we created a short, informative and engaging training video that will be rolled out to all of their staff. The training video format we created is also being put forward to all of their other processes so we’re hoping to head back to Derby and Nottingham station later in 2018.

Some stats.

95%Of A Message Retained When Watched Within A Video
65%Learn Best Through Watching Than Reading
14Times Drew & Sam Were Asked If They Were Trainspotters