Derby Festé 2018.

Live Event Promotional Video.

The Challenge.

After the success of last year's video marketing campaign for Derby Festé - which we were recognised for in the East Midlands Chamber awards - our brief was simple: do the same... but better.

The Solution.

This year's theme was '250 years of circus', so we wanted to keep the fast-paced, high-energy of last year's campaign, but infuse it with easily identifiable elements of 'circus'.

The prime target audience for Feste is found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so we knew we needed to open with a bang and get those eyes on these videos. Creating a dramatic and hypnotic big-top, red and white backdrop for the logo did just that. Then we got straight to the performances, punctuated by emotive and excitement-inducing captions designed to capture and maintain the viewer's attention, and really build up the expectation and scale of the festival as a whole - making it too big and too good to miss.

We composed the sound in our studio, which helped add another layer of circus sentiment to the video. We focused on using the music to drive the rhythm of the video as a whole: a big opening, ramp up the action, drop out for audience gasps, and the build for a big finish.

Animated captions and digitally enhanced visuals ensure the video is designed to play without sound but absolutely delight with sound on. This is crucial for marketing video content designed to reach its audience on social media.

The video campaign was rounded out with 10 very short videos designed to be released daily, as a countdown, starting 10 days before the event.

Some stats.

7600Views In Its First Week
40Red Stripes In This Years Logo
3Years Working With Festé