Derby Festé 2017.

Promo Videos.

The Challenge.

Derby Festé is a huge celebration of culture that happens during the last weekend of every September and for 2017, they needed two promo videos that captured the size, colour and energy of what was to advertise what was to come. Each video had to connect with a wide demographic and also be exceptionally short. The final, possibly largest test, was that the video had to be made up of mostly pre-filmed footage from each act so we would need to be hugely creative to create an engaging video.

The Solution.

Using other people’s footage is always tough. As a video team, we of course want to film everything ourselves. Partly because of the quality we can produce but also it allows us to capture everything we need for the edit. However, when you’re not able to do this (as was true with Festé) you have to be very creative. To make these videos work, we chose to edit in a highly kinetic way, with lots of pushes, rotations and quick cuts. We also composed bespoke soundtracks for each video so we could make every edit connect with a beat or a piece of the music. Finally, we added subtle sound design to each video to liven it more. The videos are the most popular Derby Festé videos to date with over 28,000 collective views and over 300+ interactions on social media.

Some stats.

135%Greater Reach With Video On Facebook