Abigail Warner.

The Challenge.

D2N2 hired us to create a series of case study videos for them to promote the Growth Hub. For this video, we had to film an interview in a cosy office environment and create an effective case study video for Abigail Warner Ltd.

The Solution.

Creating depth in the frame is not only a great rule for creating lovely looking shots, but it can also help give the illusion of space. We created depth in the frame by; sliding most b-roll shots to show the 3D space; using ‘dirty shots’ which are shots with blurred foreground detail; and also by lighting the shots to keep them dynamic. Also, with so much great looking machinery and crafty bits in the office, we featured them in almost every single shot to highlight what it is Abigail Warner does and emphasise her aesthetic.

Some stats.

89%Effectiveness of Credible Case Studies
3.5 hoursTime Spent on Locaton
85%Want Captioned Content on Social