D2N2 - Look How Far We've Come.

Case Study Video

Ace Study Videos

Over the past year we’ve collaborated with D2N2 to help boost and transform their marketing strategy by putting powerful testimonial and marketing videos at the forefront.

In this time, we have produced a series of 12 videos to help D2N2 illustrate how the Growth Hub has benefited small to medium sized companies on their path to success.

These case study videos worked so well that D2N2 wanted their own case study video.

The Brief

D2N2 wanted a case study video that showcased how far they have come over the past four years and the impact they’ve had. By incorporating pre-existing case studies and testimonials, it allowed us to show how D2N2’s constant development and passion for business has enabled local companies to go from strength to strength and reach many levels of success.

The main aim was to show how they have helped companies across the East Midlands reach their goals and set new aims to push them out of their comfort zone.


As well as our archive of D2N2 case studies, we filmed two new interviews as well as fresh b-roll of the D2N2 offices to weave into the re-purposed footage to create the overview that D2N2 wanted.

Re-purposing footage (read more on repurposing here) is an effective way of making the most of your content to create new assets for your marketing.


Once the new footage had been collected it was time to start crafting together the final video.

Using pre-existing case study video’s as well as new footage allowed us to give examples of their work, as well as give employees the chance to talk about D2N2 and what the company is about. These testimonials and peer-reviews are very powerful in case studies.

Having lots of footage to use allowed us to create an upbeat case study video to represent their achievements and educate others on how the growth hub can help their business strive for success.

Let's Promote

The case study video was created to be broadcasted at D2N2’s 4th birthday celebration to show how far they have come as a business and the support that they have offered to local business’.

The video was received amazingly well and continues to be ever-present on their social media.