We Create Corporate Training Videos That Work.

Save time, money, and engage people with superb training videos.

The Challenge.

Whether it’s induction training for new starters, ongoing staff development, or you provide training for your clients, corporate training videos are an extremely useful tool in any business.

Providing training through traditional methods demands a lot of resources, in both time and money. Then there are other challenges, such as maintaining standards and making it engaging for the trainees.

The Solution.

A well produced and thorough corporate training video not only saves time and money, but the actual training is more engaging, more memorable, and easily re-watched when required.

Training being delivered using video can be seamlessly supplemented with example videos, case studies or graphical representation of flowcharts, annotations and other training aids.

Some stats.

75%Employees are more likely to watch a video.
40%Of training budgets are spent on travel.
80%Of people recall a video watched in the last 30 days.