BBC Introducing - Live Sessions.

Sunflower Thieves.

The Challenge.

Throughout the past year we have been working in collaboration with Dean Jackson and BBC Introducing to put visuals to radio. We love working with Dean and think that the video's give his performers the extra edge when promoting their music and live sessions.

This is why when he asked us to come back to capture the talent of local duo Sunflower Thieves, we jumped at the chance.

The Solution.

The set up for sessions are pretty straight forward but capture the best coverage for the project. Our team operated a three camera set-up allowing us the freedom to move cameras without missing any of the action.

We used a wide shot with subtle movement which panned the artist who was performing. A medium shot which was mounted on a slider to add more movement to the shot. As well as our primary camera which was fitted with a high-quality zoom lens to provide further flexibility during each live take.

We incorporated the studio into the shots and created depth with our framing to create a better look and immersive feel. We love shooting for the BBC and seeing the talent blossom as they perform.

Some stats.

12,000+Views on YouTube
2The Number of People in the Band
25,000+Plays on the BBC