BBC Introducing - Live Sessions.


The Challenge.

In radio you can never see the person behind the voice or the artist while they're performing. BBC Introducing's live sessions have been helping the BBC to change that over recent years. So when Dean Jackson got in touch with us and asked if we could record some sessions in the new studio, we jumped at the chance. The new studio had the same space limitations, but was much more vibrant.

The Solution.

We share the same vision as the BBC in regards to putting images and video to radio, allowing people to see what actually goes on in the studio during a take.

We decided that a 3 camera set-up would be most efficient and work best for us - allowing us the freedom to move cameras without missing any of the action. We used a wide shot with subtle movement which panned the artist whom was performing. A medium shot which was mounted on a slider to add more movement to the shot. As well as our main camera which was fitted with a high-quality zoom lens to give greater flexibility during each live take.

We incorporated the studio into the shots and created depth with our framing to create a better look and immersive feel. We love shooting for the BBC and seeing the talent blossom as they perform.

Some stats.

30 TimesDrew mentioned the new room.
1000+Views within 1 hour of Remy going live.
14 MinutesSpent talking about Remy's hair.