Hero Videos & Website Photography.

The Challenge.

Without great visuals, a website is just a bunch of text and who the heck wants that?! No one, that who! Which is why the very wise people at 3Squared hired us to create a hero video for each of their sites as well as a whole bunch of photos showing off their people, culture and services.

The Solution.

Hero videos are audio-less short videos that give a site visitor a taste of the website they’re visiting. To highlight the breadth of 3Squared’s business, we filmed over three days in three locations: Nottingham Train Station, Derby ROC, and 3Squared’s office. We used a mix of timelapse and slow-motion video to create the hero video and pump up the production value. We also photographed the three locations getting lots of interactions between staff at every location as well as emphasising the tech used throughout. Lastly, we shot some new headshots for the senior team at 3Squared.

Some stats.

83%Bounce Rate Reduction With Video
249Photos Delivered
94%More Views Of Pages With images