Recruitment Video

Recruitment Videos That Have Impact.

After working with 3Squared on a number of different projects, it was great to be invited back to their Sheffield office to create a recruitment video that has impact

They wanted to capture the modern, fun and lively culture of 3Sqaured in an engaging and exciting video that would appeal to their target demographic.

The Brief

The video had to be quick and engaging, but also get across lots of perks and pluses of working at 3Squared. 

We decided that the best way to get this across was a quick-cut style video that utilises their bright and bubbly staff being, well, bright and bubbly. With staff responding to the same guided questions, we hoped for key themes and values of the company to emerge.

Spoiler alert, they did.


In a recruitment video, filming in the environment of the employees is almost always the right way to go. It does the obvious thing of showing the working space, but it also allows you to capture the more natural, day-to-day experiences that the people there go through.

With a fairly light, mobile set up, we recorded interviews in the heart of the offices – and in between speakers, we spun the camera around the office and captured people in their natural habitat.


The values of the company certainly came across in the answers from the current staff. With so many repeating the same answer, we decided that cross-cutting these words or phrases together will emphasise the point, and should strike a chord with the types of workers 3Squared were hoping to hear from.

With the success of this campaign and the continued success of 3Squared, we don’t think it will be long before we’re back again for more recruitment and expansion plans.