Why Share Video on Social Media?

Posted by Jessica Frearson 02 Nov 2018

Video is a huge part of social media. A third of the time spent online is watching videos. Why miss this traffic? Manipulate video to your advantage and connect with the current traffic online to broaden your audience and boost potential sales. Using video in your marketing strategy has many benefits to your company and is one of the most efficient ways to market your brand. But what does video actually do?


Video helps build trust in your brand.

Having an explainer video or promo video about your brand allows you to build a strong relationship between you and your audience. Video allows you to humanise your company and shows that the people representing your product are passionate and know what they’re talking about. Having a well thought out and executed video will ensure that your customers know the company they’re working with is genuine and will do the best possible work for their clients and customers.


Video increases engagement.

Using video at the core of your marketing campaign is a great way to increase engagement. Video creates curiosity amongst your audience which will encourage them to stop and view your ad/video. Having more curiosity and engagement towards your posts will increase the number of shares you receive, spreading your video to a broader audience. Remember, posts with videos receive 3 times more clicks than text-only posts which will attract more clients and potential sales. More clicks and engagement results in more eyes on what you do which leads to an increase in sales.


Improves user-experience.

Watching a video makes information a lot easier to comprehend and digest. Making it easier for your audience to understand means they will remember you, your service or product, and the message you’re trying to put across – which is something a simple text AD struggles to do. Video also keeps people on your site longer driving more traffic and custom for your company.


Video is easy to measure

Results and analytics are easy to access and are very valuable to your marketing. Statistics help you see what’s going well in your campaigns and what needs improving, allowing you to make relevant alterations and be responsive. This will ensure your videos continue to generate leads and are moving your marketing in the right direction.



Videos are so important to have in your core marketing strategy. By having a video thumbnail in your search rankings, sites can double their organic search traffic. As well as this videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page of search results which will encourage more engagement and business to be run through your site.

For you.