The Testimonial: A Peer-to-Peer Marketing Video

Posted by Rob 15 Jun 2018

The Testimonial: A Peer-to-Peer Marketing Video

‘If you think logically, there’s no wonder it works.’

When writing about peer-to-peer marketing there are some great statistics to back up its effectiveness – 82% of consumers proactively seek referrals from peers before making a purchase (B2C Community) – and if we think logically, there’s no wonder it works.

If we’re already considering making a purchase of a product or service, and we hear positive things from someone who we perceive as being on the same level as ourselves (and not a celeb being paid), then we’re highly likely to listen.

Of course, seeing a written quote on a website is one thing, but being able to actually see the person giving the statement builds even more trust.

That’s where The Testimonial becomes a powerhouse of a marketing video.

“Real persuasive power.”

If you see a consumer discussing a product and how useful it has been, in a natural environment and not sounding like a professional presenter, then what they’re saying has real persuasive power.

In a business setting, seeing the Head of IT discussing how smooth and effective a cloud migration service has been, and how much money it has saved in reduced downtime, inspires real confidence in that product.

“The quality of the video should still reflect the quality of your company.”

The Testimonial is especially useful in industries where the service itself may not be the most exciting thing to see in action, but hearing how good this service has been gives the company a real boost when comparing it with competitors.

Although you should use real people and aim for a natural and believable feel, the quality of the video should still reflect the quality and professionalism of your company. No one is under the illusion that the people giving a testimonial aren’t being invited to do so, we all know they are, the trust comes from them agreeing to become a brand ambassador and go on record with their positivity.

When done right, The Testimonial is the king of peer-to-peer marketing. 

“An ongoing video marketing campaign with the best chances of success.”

When it comes to The Testimonial, there are a lot of things you can do in terms of style and execution to keep engagement and interest up.

Often it’s possible to schedule a collection of testimonials in a single location, which gives you lots of video content whilst keeping costs down.

We also offer a few different tiers of video content creation subscription, and for a monthly fee we will produce regular video content, and everything else you could wish for, to create an ongoing video marketing campaign with the best chances of success.

Below is an example from a series of 12 short videos created for D2N2 Growth Hub featuring companies that they’ve helped grown and thrive.



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