Shiny New Website

Posted by Jessica Frearson 28 Aug 2018

At Future Proof Films, we know that great visuals matter. Which is why when it came to creating a fresh website, we needed it not just to work amazingly well, be easy to navigate and boost our business; we needed it to look incredible. For all of those reasons, we chose to use Frogspark, a company we have collaborated with several times over the years and trusted they could deliver what we were looking for.

Throughout the design process, Frogspark took everything we wanted on board. They designed, developed and delivered a crisp, clean website that doesn’t just focus on video, it puts video first. They allowed up to put lightboxes on our creations page to bring the projects to life and give clients a preview of our work. Implementing video using lightboxes on our creations page to bring projects to life, as well as implementing feature video slots on every page, helped to put video in the spotlight, but it’s the little touches that really elevates the site. For example, if you hover over the thumbnail of a project it will play a small 5-second video preview.

As well as Frogspark creating a website that showcases our existing services, they also created a site that enabled us to premiere our new Visual Content Subscription service. A Visual Content Subscription is a new service that we started to roll out at the beginning of August. This new service will help more and more companies take advantage of the power of visual content marketing while negating unexpected marketing costs and the need for costly in-house production solutions.

We have already worked with companies such as the BBC, Derby Feste and Elysium on this plan and produced social media cutdowns and assets for them to boost their engagement on social media, including video stills and much more to support them in their advertising.

Frogspark have been a pleasure to work with and helped us achieve the vision we had for the website.



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