Questions to Ask Your Agency

Posted by Jessica Frearson 08 Feb 2019

When looking for an agency to create your latest campaign, the opening questions you’ll probably want to ask are: ‘how much is video?’ and, ‘how long does creating a video take?’. Whilst the answers to these questions will be important factors, they don’t actually help you find out which agency is right for you.

So we’ve helped you out and written four questions to ask an agency:


Do you do everything in-house?

Having a production team that does everything in-house allows you to have a seamless delivery. It allows the person managing your project to see every step of the process and have control over timings and workload. If your agency outsources they’re susceptible to losing control and this can lead to delays and complications. For example, if they outsource a copywriter to write your scripts and storyboards, delays on the content coming back may lead to production days being set back and your projects timescale being extended.

That isn’t to say outsourcing is bad per se, but it should definitely be a question you ask, and if part of the project is outsourced, you should be able to find more about the process and workflow, so that your decision is an informed one.


What’s the company’s core expertise?

You need to ensure that the company you’re working with has expertise in all relevant fields. It’s fine to deal with an agency for your video marketing campaign that also offers website or managed social media, but make sure video isn’t just an afterthought – and don’t be afraid to challenge them on it.

Working with an agency that is video-centric ensures that your assets will sound, look and be marketed to the best possible standards. This also increases the likelihood that your agency will have real talent and experienced employees in specialised video production fields who can meet your brief and standard of quality.


How agile is the company?

When creating video you need to make sure that the agency can work to your timeframes so should you need a fast turnaround, the company can deliver. Of course, timescales can change, campaigns can grow or shrink. Having an agency that can work to your deadlines and are agile allows you to get projects ready for suitable campaigns and releases. You need to be sure your agency can hit the deadlines you set, as delays in delivering videos can have a knock-on effect to much wider campaigns.


Can they maximise your assets?

Creating a great video is no longer the only requirement. A good agency should have the foresight to advise you in how to turn a video into a whole campaign – allowing you to get a load of valuable marketing materials, such as cut-downs, GIFs and stills, to share with your audience.

This is a big deal and you need to ask your agency if they offer this service and what their ideas are (if they don’t then let us help?). Make the most out your content and expand your assets!

For you.