But Why Animation?

Posted by Jessica Frearson 12 Jun 2019

Your customers don’t want to talk to salespeople before they’ve had a chance to ‘discover’ your products for themselves. They don’t want to be talked at about why they need a product or service from your company, and if anything, this can scare them away.

Your customers want to think that they came to the solution on their own, they want to feel empowered by their decisions and think that they discovered your business or product on their own accord, as part of their buyer-research process.

Customers have questions. Lots of them. Some they know of and some they don’t even know they need answering. Satisfying them with a well-executed video is a great idea, and animation is the perfect option for many businesses, products or services. The best way to work out if an animation is the best choice for your video, you have to take a look at the strengths of animation and see if they help showcase you in the best possible way.


Animating dry subjects holds your viewer’s attention much better than regular video

Humans have short attention spans. Our minds are flicking between what you’re going to have for lunch to what you need to do at work tomorrow, it’s a battle to keep your viewer’s attention. With bright colours and beautiful graphics, animation allows you to capture this attention. Your clients are immediately engaged in the video that they are about to watch. They’re intrigued by what they are going to see and what it’s going to look like. Having an eye-catching and effective ad like this will make your ad stand out from other ads and promotions and make the impact you want.


Simplifies complex topics

Does your business provide a service that’s complicated to explain or has to contain a lot of technical jargon? Or difficult to capture on film or convey (we’re looking at you IT and cloud migration companies)? Or is your marketing strategy centred around those impressive stats of yours? Animation can help a lot with engagement and interest here.

Animation allows you to show basically anything. Do you need someone to fly? Or a house to sink? Giving context and imagery to your key messages by showing it in a video format allows your consumers to understand your business a little bit more. It ensures that your point is put across effectively and your complex ideas are turned into bite-size chunks that are easy to understand.  Making complex problems and solutions easy for your customers to understand, how you can help, and what those many benefits mean to them and their business can be achieved best through animation.


Animation is exciting

How many ads and posts have you seen using the same old marketing techniques? Each one of them being lost in the timeline as there’s nothing about them to make them stand out.Animation can help you stand out from the crowd.

Watching an animation about a topic, no matter how dry or technical, can make your viewers experience a lot more excitement and engage far more than ordinary promotional videos on the topic. Having this edge on your competition will make sure that they remember your business next time they need your product or service.


Can Animation really help my business?

An animation video is such a versatile marketing tool – it can be anything from a straight-up promotional video to an informative animated explainer video. Having the scope to animate anything you could possibly imagine allows you to tailor your video to any marketing needs and your business. It can be effective for any business, product or service, but if you understand the strengths of animation you can really turn it into a strong marketing tool.

For you.