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Getting Great Audio With Plates

One aspect that we often see other companies struggle with is audio; be it inappropriate music, poor recorded sound, or lack of sound design. Each of these elements can make or break a video so it's important all companies focus just as much on their audio than they do on their video. For this blog, we'll just be discussing recorded audio but we'll be covering other audio elements in future posts.
Logbook 4

Future Proof Logbook #4

After what could have been months of planning, filming and editing, there's no better feeling than giving our clients their finished videos. However, a feeling that does come close is when said videos go 'live' on our client's websites and they push them out to their customers and audiences.
Logbook 3

Future Proof Logbook #3

As well as putting the finishes touches on a couple of projects and enjoying the kind words from some very happy clients, this week we're dedicating a good amount of time to the pre-production on some upcoming corporate videos. Alexander Graham Bell once said: "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."